Monday, July 31, 2006

GoldFish Scooping

GoldFish Scooping
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Apart from choco-bananas (see below) a typically Japanese summer festival activity is goldfish scooping.For a small outlay one is given a small paper scoop.About the size of a tea strainer.
Covered with tissue like paper.The object is to capture the elusive fish before your scoop gets sodden.Once wet the paper crumbles and splits rendering the scoop useless.
Its very difficult.Supple wrists and dexterity are required.As also are patience and concentration.
I marvelled as a young boy skimmed at least six of the wary creatures into his saucer before his scoop was destroyed.
It appeard from the short time I watched that no one left empty handed.Even those who were unsuccessful in capturing a fish were given a bag containing a couple from the generous vendor to take home.

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