Monday, July 03, 2006

Buckets of Rain

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Another hot humid week.Tajimi, where I work ,located some 50km out of Nagoya had the highest temperature in Japan last Thursday hitting 35.2 degrees.Tajimi is regularly the hottest place in Japan over the rainy season and summer.
Another week of early morning football World Cup matches.I watched the England/Portugal game.It started here in Japan round 11:45pm and ended after the penalty kicks round 3am.I had to get up at 7am so was feeling somewhat lethargic at work that day.

Another week when I farewell another of my long term and learned colleagues.I had the pleasure to work with Kwok at Tajimi before he was promoted and transferred to another school.Indeed I had the pleasure of working with both Kwok and Peter who seemed to arrive within a week of each other some three years ago and then both leave a week apart.
I'm indebted to Kwok on many fronts.Not for only his bad puns,or listening to my whining.He's pointed me in the direction of authors and novels such as Don Quixote.
He helped me set up this blog site answering my questions when things wouldnt load up or crash.He has his own webpage at or you can just click the link on my page.
He also made me aware of various obscure musicians including one Bob Dylan.Cheers mate.

"May you build a ladder to the stars....

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Kwok said...

cheers tim.

"obscure" musicians such as bob dylan eh? perhaps next i can show you a book by an "obscure" writer... hamlet by w.shakespeare... :)