Monday, August 04, 2008

Tajimi City Fireworks Festival 2008

As with many places around Japan in August,Tajimi City holds a summer festival complete with dancing competitions,food stalls,parades and fireworks.The area has recently made the headlines for having very hot summer temperatures.Yesterday
was no exception.
Even though I didnt get out to Tajimi until 4pm it was still noticeably hotter than Nagoya although its only 45 minutes distant by train.Obviously being surrounded by low hills explains the higher temperatures.
There were the usual food stalls one expects to see at such events though I dont think there were as many as last year.Nor for that matter do I think the crowds that massed on both banks of the Toki River were as large as I recall.Which meant that it was easier and more comfortable to pick a spot to view the firework displays.

The fireworks began as usual on the stroke of 7:30pm.And continued for the next hour to the accompaniment of very loud J-Pop music and a distorted shrill female voice.

There was a noticeable light wind which sprung up after the sun went down.This helped drop the heat to a more comfortable level.It also meant that the acrid smoke from the fireworks tended to drift in the direction of the crowds on the bridges and banks of the river.On the other hand there wasnt much cloud around so the fireworks looked better against the darker night sky.

I also noticed that despite recent hikes in food prices choco-bananas seem to remain steady at about 200-300 yen each.The more elaborately decorated and sprinkled ones were fetching the higher prices.Steamed potatoes seemed popular and there were at least three stalls selling them.Prices ranged from 400-500 yen and the lower priced ones were selling well like hot potatoes despite the heat of the day.
All in all a small enjoyable,accessible,friendly family and local event.


Anonymous said...

Hi there I like you blog,stumbled apon it trying to research my second trip to Japan.
Loved the bento page I am now very hungry.
It is really late here but I am going to make an effort to read your blog.

huey said...

Thanks for your comments Mechelle,
if you want some good advice and suggestions of places to visit click on michael.pam in the" Websites I Regularly Visit" feature on my first page.lots of good info and tips on Nagoya and places further afield