Monday, August 18, 2008

Midland Square Building Nagoya

Currently the tallest building in Central Japan,the Midland Square building was completed in autumn 2006.The building stands at 247m and has 47 floors.There is a three floor observation deck,the Sky Promenade,which costs 700 yen for adults to enter.As you can see from the photo theres a sloping walking platform and the viewing gallery is open to the sky and elements.
As well as containing Toyota`s sales staff and thirty odd other company offices the building has a plethora of designer stores,cafes and restaurants and a seven screen multiplex cinema.

Built across from the Nagoya Station Central Towers,the Midland Square Building provides great panoramic views of the cityscape.One of its nearest neighbours is the Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers.It opened in April 2008 after construction began in 2005.
The spiral skyscraper is 36 floors and 170m tall.It houses restaurants,shops and three vocational schools.

On the other side of the Midland Square building is the Lucent Tower,a curved sweeping glass skyscraper.Some 40 stories and 180 metres tall it contains IT and financial companies.

A shot of the Nagoya Station Central Towers that are across from Midland Square.At 247 metres the Midland Square building is 2 metres taller than the Towers.

Looking down from the viewing platform onto the adjoining building that contains the cinema,restaurants and shops.The elevator trip which whizzes up to the observation deck is well worth the experience though probably not for the faint hearted or those who suffer from fear of heights.

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