Monday, May 19, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Crazy week work-wise.The branch school I worked at over the last few weeks closed Thursday.As part of a company realignment those branches located in supermarket malls will be relocated.The new schools will be smaller often having just one instructor and open for fewer days each week.Thursday was very busy with myself and the other instructor working at near full capacity each lesson while the staff toiled away packing and getting ready for the big move.
On Friday I started at my new school.Its virtually in the completely opposite direction to the one I was working at the day before.On the plus side it is some 10 minutes closer to home though some 30 yen more expensive each fare.There were no lessons scheduled that day.I welcomed the break after the busy week and I used the time to set up and organise texts and files in preparation for the next day.

The new school features larger cubicles better able to accomodate five student classes.It also has these flashy pink panels or room dividers as opposed to the older windowed rooms.
A lamp is suspended above each table.Unfortunately it appears to be similar to those in restaurants used to keep food warm.After one day working under it Ive got scorch marks on my scalp.Im contemplating removing the bulbs.

The only real quibble Ive got is the punctuation of some of the idioms that feature on the room dividers.I did a double take when I saw the room divider in the photo above.
Surely not good for company credibility!

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