Monday, May 26, 2008

Access all areas

An article in The Japan Times May 17th caught my eye.Headlined "English schools target middle-aged,elderly" it outlines various language schools attempts to attract middle aged and elderly students.
It appears that the traditional support base of young 20-30 year old company employees has become saturated and some schools are introducing courses for older students.
Provision has been made in some organisations to provide textbooks with bigger print and times more convenient for the more mature students to attend classes.

All well and good.I just hope these schools have thought about the physical constraints and limits both age and Japanese building design impose on people.School premises should be easily accessible.Not just for aged but also for young children.
I can understand that a ground floor,street level space costs more to rent than say ninth floor premises.
That stated,a steep set of stairs like those above or a small slow elevator must act as a deterrent to prospective customers.

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