Monday, May 26, 2008

Dean and Deluca Strawberry Ice Cream

There seems no rhythm or reason which stores stock Dean and Deluca ice cream.One would expect to see it in urban central city areas rather than random rural shops.
Anyways,the discovery of a new point of sale and flavour just add to the experience.
This latest discovery is California Strawberry.While not as disappointing as last weeks pistachio I again felt it was missing something.
It looks promising enough after you lift the plastic cover.You are presented with a pinkish mottled rosy surface.I was hoping that there would be some silvers of strawberry included.Unfortunately like last week its more of a pureed mixture.
While there is evidence of a strawberry flavour within,its quite subtle.
I cant really rate this highly.It didnt have me wishing there was more or entice me to buy another one.

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