Monday, December 24, 2007

What?? Christmas already!!

Another well presented lunchbox from the Mitsukoshi Department store basement.The purple coloured mass in the lower part of the bento is sweet potato.There is a mixture of meat and salads and vegetables.

Below is the latest flavour Ive tried from the Dean and Deluca range.At first glance the combination seems odd.Balsamic vinegar isnt the first thing Id think of putting into my ice cream.I thought it would be over-powering.Too striking and at odds with the other ingredients.
However,combined with little chunks of fig mixed through the sweet ice cream,the result is akin to a raisin like ice cream in terms of flavour and texture.
The ice cream is packaged very attractively and sports yuletide seasonal red and gold.
I only discovered by chance there is a Dean and Deluca store opened in a new shopping complex near Nagoya Station.Something to check out on my short Christmas break.

The sight of Father Christmas figures climbing up the outside of buildings is quite common in Nagoya.I suppose you can put it down to the lack of chimney stacks or even global warming.For many people in Japan tomorrow Tuesday the 25th of December will be just another working day.This year it will be the first working day of the week as yesterday was the Emperors Birthday but because it fell on a Sunday is moved to the next day.Thus most people have just had a three day weekend.
My colleagues and I will work tomorrow though we all start early and finish at a respectable time to share dinner with family and friends.Our Christmas New Year break runs from the 28th December and thanks to a quirk of the calendar and my regular weekend I go back on Sunday 6th January.

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