Monday, December 17, 2007

Tsuramai Park in Autumn

A brisk walk around Tsuramai Park last Saturday morning revealed some lingering autumn foilage offsetting the grey overcast day.The band rotunda above is used for a variety of concerts during the year.Its surrounded by grass covered mounds and steps for people to sit and relax.

Despite this being the season of consumption with a constant barrage of ads to spend and shop till you drop,there are a number of people who wont be making big ticket purchases this year.Easy to ignore and avert ones eyes.But the evidence is there.Shuffling through rubbish bags and crushing cans to be recycled.
The bedding under this walkway bridge in the park has been neatly folded and left for the day sheltered from any rain or showers that may occur while the owners are away.

A final flurry of colour before the chilly breeze and cooler temperatures curl the fragile dry maple leaves.

The tent above differs from the usual blue canvas or plastic structures you can find scattered throughout Tsuramai Park.The number of tent like dwellings seems to decrease during the cooler weather but some hardy souls still remain year round.
The area around the tent has been swept clear of any fallen leaves and any rubbish has been disposed of.

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