Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Flash...Paper Cuts

I'm due to be paid on Monday.Possibly.Or there may be a late fax asking for our forebearance.Again.Possibly.However there may be no fax and my salary will magically appear in my bank account.Possibly not.
There may be no fax and no salary.Possibly yes.
Of course the signs had been there for a long time.Too rapid growth.A move away from locations near railway stations to more suburban expensively rented space in shopping malls.The adoption of a hastily put together cut and paste error ridden textbook series that has plagiarised and pillaged other textbooks.
The cutting back of office budgets leading to a shortage of basic stationery items such as whiteboard markers and photocopying paper to the point where both office staff and instructors regularly pay for supplies out of their own pockets to cover the shortfall.
Ive stopped trying to work out the machinations of big business,share splits and warrants.
Ive stopped reading the sites that pour forth bitter invective,scorn and idle baseless speculation.
Ive stopped trying to count the number of people affected by the companys imminent demise.Instructors,students and staff.Foreigners and locals.
Ive stopped worrying about the lack of communication and unprofessionalism.
Ive stopped taking people at their word.
Ive stopped clipping newspaper articles featuring more dismal company news.
Ive stopped thinking its cool watching and participating in what could be the last months of my current position.
Ive started to look for another job.

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K.W.Wan said...

wow, a big decision. i hope the money comes in and good luck with the job hunt.