Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Flash...Flying Pigs

Well Friday 19th October has almost gone.Payday minus four.Still no sign of the salary that was delayed from Monday 15th.And this despite the fact that the fax sent on Monday stated "Instructors are now scheduled to be paid on Friday October 19th.

Apparently it will now magically appear on October 31st.
Trick or treat?Probably the latter.I'm not holding out much hope of getting it.

As for the photo above the pigs first appeared in the Foreign Artists Exhibition 2005.Given my current employment situation I felt it time to dust them off and hang them up at work.Seemed appropriate.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tim. You should put the pigs up in the voice room... and when they ask you to take them down tell them "it's not in the budget" and walk away! Good luck with your payment hopes... Keep up the good work.

Canadian Rob.