Monday, October 29, 2007

Foreign Artists Exhibition 2007

As noted in my last post the Foreign Artists Exhibition in Nagoya has provided a welcome distraction from "the dark clouds" of my current employment situation.In fact being told "to wait at home and stand by" until next Monday enables me to attend more frequently.
The exhibition opens on Tuesday October 30th and ends November 4th.It runs 10am-7pm each day and 10am-5pm on the 4th.As usual it will be held in on the fourth floor of the Nagoya International Centre.

My contribution this year is again based on paper mache.The three cigarette packets are constructed from a chicken wire frame over which paper mache has been layered and built up.
Cigarettes and smoking are still very prevalent in Japan.My next door neigbour is a hard smoking salaryman.Banging shut his balcony door loudly each time he steps out on to his balcony like clockwork at 11pm and 1 am each night and again at 7am each morning clouds of smoke drift into my apartment.Paying no heed to the weather and lacking any consideration, his selfish anti-social behaviour provided the motivation to create this years exhibits.
The packets are designed to be attractive.Many of them are colourful. The colour "white" features prominently along with alluring names like "Dove" and "Peace" to entice people(particularly it seems an increasing number of younger women) to partake in this habit.
The picture shows one of my friends who helped me complete the exhibit and set it up.Thanks again Peter..

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