Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Grand Sumo Tournament..Osaka 2007 RoundUp

Hakuho,the Mongolian ozeki, won the Grand Sumo Tournament in Osaka by defeating yokozuna and compatriot Asashoryu in a playoff after both wrestlers finished with 13-2 records yesterday.
Asashoryu had beaten Hakuho in the last bout on Saturday to inflict Hakuhos second loss and draw level with him going into Sunday.Asashoryu had done well to get that far considering he lost his his first two matches and was odds on favorite should the two meet in a playoff.However at the tachiai or intial charge Hahuko pulled down Asashoryu and picked up his second Emperors Cup and at the same time snapped Asa's four Cup winning streak.The win also means should he do well next tourney he may be on the road to yokozuna promotion.
As for other wrestlers I follow,Kaio managed again to pull off a winning 8 win 7 loss record and avoid demotion.Kootoshu also had a winning record while ozeki Chiyotakai finished with a losing record 7 wins 8 losses or makekoshi. Hopefully next basho will see the return of Baruto and an inform Hakuho pressing for promotion.

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