Monday, March 05, 2007

McEnglish Schools

The March 12th issue of Weekly Playboy contains an article on the English language industry in Japan.The Weekly Playboy is a prime example of a Japanese weekly newsmagazine or shukanshi.An eclectic collection of news stories,sports articles and manga literally cheek and jowl beside some local scantily clad model.
Nova features prominently and is described as "operator of the McDonalds of English language conversation schools".While the daily broadsheet newspapers described Nova as being inspected by government authorities the Weekly Playboy article terms it as " a government raid on its Osaka office".

The article outlines the current problems that have occurred when students try to pull out of their contract before it finishes.It also concedes that "Nova isnt the only allegedly dodgy player in the conversation school caper" but doesnt directly name or target any other schools.
Some of the quotes in the article from students are entertaining for example"Our teacher couldnt give a damn and yawned all the way through class...and he absolutely reeked of booze".
(Reference..MSN-Manichi Daily News).
The article doesnt really shed any new light on the English language industry or Nova.More to the point it shows just how common place the issues have become that they are now fodder for even weekly newsmagazines to include between their pages.

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