Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Flash..Cherry Blossoms on the Way

The Japanese Meteorological Agency has announced that this year will see one of the earliest cherry blossoms seasons on record.Incidentally nation-wide records were first begun in 1953.
The Agency calculates blooming times based on temperatures and other factors.This year,the unseasonably warm winter has caused cherry blossoms to flower earlier than usual.
The most common cherry blossom tree "someiyoshino" is expected to bloom in Tokyo round March 18 about ten days earlier than normal.Initially an even earlier date was forecast but the recent colder weather caused a revision and todays light snow in Tokyo must also slow down the blossoming buds.
Meanwhile in Nagoya the blossoms are predicted sometime around March 20th.Forecast dates for the Tohoku and Hokkaido regions are to announced later this month.
The artifical blossoms in the accompanying photo above come from a local Osu shop.

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