Monday, January 29, 2007

ThunderBirds in Japan

I went along to a small "Thunderbirds In Japan" exhibition last weekend.Held on the eighth floor of the Parco Building in Sakae,Nagoya it celebrates the 40th anniversary of the first screening of the show in Japan by NHK.
On display are various marionettes,models,clothes and other memorabilia from the popular British 60s programmes.
There were several mockup sets of Tracy Island where International Rescue is based.
In the background a television played clips from various episodes.Overhead music from the show playing loudly on a short repetitive loop made normal conversation well nigh impossible.
There were a lot of souvenirs such as T shirts,books and models for sale near the exit point.Admitance for adults is 500yen.There are only Japanese captions on the displays which is a bit of a let down as was the deafening music which doesnt encourage one to linger over the exhibits.The exhibition finishes February 12th.

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