Monday, January 08, 2007


This Japanese word neatly encapsulates what I did this past New Years break.The Japanese language often describes in one or two words what other languages struggle to convey in one or two sentences.
Basically I spent the break lying around my apartment,sleeping,eating,reading and watching a bit of tv.I also tried to do some paper mache stuff.Due to the low temperatures the drying times were more extended than in summer so not a lot was done.

The first sumo tournament of the new year got underway yesterday in Tokyo.Once again the sole yokozuna,Asashoryu,is the favorite to win.His nearest rival,Hakuho, is on the comeback after missing the last tournament having broken one of his toes.
If Asa wins it will be his 20th Emperors Cup victory bringing him equal with former yokozuna Takanahana on the alltime winners list.

Today Monday January 8th marked Coming of Age day.Youths who turn 20 years of age celebrate their new status as adult on this national holiday.Various celebrations and ceremonies are held nationwide attended by the new "adults" wearing formal suits and stylish fur collared kimomos.


Michael Riley said...

I saw a number of girls in their kimonos wandering around fujigaoka.

I couldn't figure why they were so dressed up Didnt realise the holiday was significant - thanks


tim said...

Hi Michael,
Thanks for your comment. The women in kimonos looked quite striking against the snow.Pity I didnt have my camera handy.
Apparently it is still quite significant although the actual number of 20 year olds this year was 1.39 million or only 1.09% of the total Japanese population.According to The Daily Yomiuri today about 720,000 men and 670,000 women turned 20 in 2006 and the number has been declining for a number of years.