Monday, January 29, 2007

Cup Noodles

It was reported earlier this month that the inventor of the ubiquitous cup noodles,Ando Momofuku, died in Osaka aged 96.
From the various reports I read including a small piece from the Chicago Tribune, he spent about ten years after World War 2 developing and perfecting his recipe.
He finally succeeded and began marketing the worlds first instant noddles called Chicken Ramen in Japan in 1958.The product became a big hit and instant "Cup Noodle" followed in 1971.
It wasnt until 1970 that instant noodles reached America.A representative of Nissin Foods in America which markets the product is quoted as giving the reasons for its popularity..."Its the cost.And its filling.And the taste."
As the photo shows there are now a variety of flavours available including seafood,cheese and curry.

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