Monday, April 17, 2006

Magazine Rage

The funniest thing I read in an otherwise pretty nondescript week concerned the antics of an elderly Ibaraki man who took umbrage at being asked to stop reading the magazines in his local convenience store.
Apparently the 70 year old man frequented his local Seven-Eleven store on a daily basis.
Last Wednesday,having spent three hours browsing, the manager asked him not to read the magazines without buying them.
The man left.He returned with a chainsaw.Gunning its engine,he was quoted as saying "I'll cut you to pieces".He left the engine running and resumed reading while the manager phoned the police..

Its not uncommon to see customers leafing through the magazine racks in stores and bookshops.
Browsing through the thick manga books,gazing at the soft porn,fashion and weekly gossip and sport weeklies.
Some stores have even gone so far as to post signs asking customers not copy books or magazines.
There have been an increasing number of instances of browsers using the digital cameras on their cell phones to photo material and articles they are interested in without actually buying the books or magazines.
It may not be long before cell phones are banned in such places to prevent such occurances...

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