Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bicycle Bicycle I wanna...Part 2

Bicycle 2
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At the station I was led into the Criminal Investigations Section past a group of bored looking detectives.I was made to sit down in a small dank interview room.(Cue Winston Smith and the Ministry of Love).
An officer with basic English language skills entered the room.The first thing he asked me was why I had stolen the bike and he warned me to tell the truth and confess.I told him I'd bought it at a second hand shop and was prepared to show him where.His response was to again ask me to tell the truth and confess.I just repeated myself saying that I'd bought it two years or so ago.
After a brief discussion with the other six officers who had joined the fun he agreed to take me to the shop.
We drove to the shop which in reality is more an ordinary car garage attached to a house rather than a commerical premise in an unmarked mini-van. 'We' being the English speaking officer,the two original officers and a police photographer.
Once at the shop the three officers entered while I posed for photos outside the building in front of a growing crowd of rubber-necking locals.
After about ten minutes the officers emerged with the news that there was no record of my bike and that the shop sold all its bikes with a special seal.
We returned to the station for more questions and photos and fingerprints.The officer said that they would do more research and contact me.I was given a ride home and the bike in question was taken away.Presumably as evidence.
On Saturday still feeling uneasy I went down to the local International Centre for some legal advice.The lawyer was fully booked but a helpful interpreter there managed to get me a quick ten minute chat.
I was reassured that though I couldnt prove I'd bought the bike having lost the receipt nor could the police prove I'd stolen it.I felt somewhat better.
I was also advised to continue to cooperate with them and not get aggravated.
Life Lesson..dont throw away receipts,dont buy anything secondhand and remain cool and collected no matter what....

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