Monday, April 03, 2006

Its the End of The Year As We Know It....

With the beginning of April a new financial year dawns.A raft of new laws including a controversial one regarding the resale of second hand electrical goods came into force April 1st.
Some businesses closed.My local CoCo curry shop shut abruptly March 31st.It was being gutted next morning at 8 a.m.What I thought was a reasonably busy petrol station also met the same fate.A swarm of workers descended to disassemble the pumps and equipment.
There were also more personal changes such as alterations to bus and train timetables or the annoying fact that NHK has decided to broadcast its 10pm bilingual news at the earlier time of 9pm.I finish work at 9pm and dont get home till 10pm so I will be even more ill-informed than previously.Other changes include the removal of a D.J on the local radio station to be replaced by some ridiculous program called "Heavens Kiss" or something equally garish...only in Japan.

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