Monday, March 27, 2006

Sumo-Spring Grand Sumo Tournament

The tournament wound up yesterday in dramatic fashion.Yokozuna Asashoryu won his 16th Grand Championship in a playoff with fellow Mongolian wrestler Hakuho.Although he lost the playoff Hakuho`s record of 13 wins 2 losses virtually guarantees he will get promoted to ozeki rank next basho.Ozeki Kaio began the final day at 7wins and losses apiece.A loss would mean demotion from ozeki ranking and his possible retirement.Kaio said before the tournament he'd rather retire than be demoted.Being 5 wins 7 losses with 3 days to go it seemed unlikely that he'd get the necessary three wins.Somehow he managed to do it including a final day win against Hakuho.
Finally Tochiazumas bid for yokozuna rank was thwarted with 3 early losses.He rallied toward the end of the contest including a final day win against Asashoryu.His winning record of 12 wins 3 losses while not considered good enough for promotion does ensure that his bid for the yokozuna ranks can be extended to the next tournament.I hope he's successful...

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