Monday, March 27, 2006

Cherry Blossom Update

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Just a quick update on the cherry blossoms.The Met Agency initially predicted that Tokyo's cherry blossom date would be March 25 this year.Then it moved the date forward to March March 22-just a day later than the actual date which fell on March 21.
Its rivals Weather News first forecast Tokyo's blossom date as March 29 then revised it to March 25 a few days astray of the actual offical start date of March 21.
So who cares if the dates are out a day or so?
Evidently many people.Beyond the blossoms beauty there is an economic factor.Convenience stores and other outlets near popular parks do a roaring trade in bentos,paper cups and plates,tarps and beer.
In some cases sales of bentos double or treble over the brief flowering frenzy.
Stores,cities and tour guides among others need accurate information to provide their customers with the best viewing conditions possible,
Given todays fine weather cherry blossoms should make their appearance here in Nagoya mid-week.
The photo above is not of cheery blooms but plum flowers in the grounds of Nagoya Castle.

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