Monday, March 20, 2006

Of Cherry Blossoms and Sumo Wrestlers

Last Years Cherry Blossoms
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From recent reports it appears competition is heating up between private weather forecasters and the state run Meterological Agency to predict when cherry trees will bloom this year.
There is some disagreement between the blossoming days predicted by the two organisations.In some cases the predictions vary up to 10 days.Last year the Met Agency predictions were off by several days.

As warmer weather comes much media attention is turned toward the delicate pink flowers.The nation follows the so-called "cherry blossom front" as it moves south to north over about a month from early March each year.
Why the fanatical interest and protests when the predictions are astray?...
One answer may be that the traditional appeal of cherry blossom viewing comes from the fact that they are so short lived and fragile.Prone to light winds and rain.They are a reminder that life is tenuous and temporary.Apparently if you want your daughter to live a long life dont name her Sakura.
The other answer is that the flowering cherry trees provide an excuse for hanami (cherry blossom) parties.

Accurate predictions are thus crucial not just for the planning of viewing trips but also for the often loud and drunken parties.It remains to be seen which predictions will prove correct and which company will retain its credibility.
At this stage Tokyos trees are expected to start blossoming on March 22.As for Nagoya and other parts of Japan late next week seems to herald the transient blooms arrival...

An intriguing eight days in the Spring Sumo Tournament thus far.Tochizama remains on course for promotion to yokozuna,sumos top rank.At 6 wins and 2 losses he has to record 13 wins to be considered for promotion.He's aiming to become the first Japanese yokozuna since Takanohana retired in 2003.
Meanwhile Kaio has overcome a terrible start to balance the books at 4 wins 4 losses apiece.He has to post a winning record to avoid dropping from the ozeki rank.Should he fail its likely he will retire after this tournament.He was given a rousing welcome when he entered the ring before his last two bouts.He's one of my favourite wrestlers having yo-yoed between promotion and demotion over the last few years..

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