Monday, February 20, 2006

The Unbearable Weight of Chocolate

St Valentines Day
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Well St Valentines Day has been and gone.The red and white posters and chocolate displays have been replaced by blue and white ones.
In Japan they do things differently.
And so with St Valentines Day.
On February 14th,here women give their male co-workers,friends,husbands and fathers chocolate and gifts.
Chocolate given to bosses and co-workers is known as "giri-choco" or obligation chocolate.
On March 14th in a kind of reciprocal arrangement (or a savvy business move for the cynically minded),those who received are coerced into giving flowers,cookies and other gifts.
Ingenious.It fills the commerical gap between New Years and Easter.The difficult part is remembering who gave me the chocolate in the first place.

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