Monday, February 13, 2006

Nagoya Port Aquarium

Nagoya Port Aquarium
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Spent a few hours wandering round Nagoya Port Aquarium last Friday.Its a three storey complex.It contains five different aquatic regions including Japan,Australia and the Antarctic Ocean.Its one of the bigger aquariums in Japan.
It also has beluga whales, a pod of performing dolphins and a resident killer whale.

There is a huge tropical tank stocked with small sharks,stingrays and colorful fish inhabiting the fake coral reef that dominates the tank.Very peaceful and relaxing to contemplate.
Till some idiot uses his flash.Fish take fright,Dart every which way.Scattered scales.Frazzled fins.
Staff rebuke foolish photographer.

Another personal favourite is the turtle tank.Of circular design with its own sloping private beach.Each season some turtles clamber up and deposit their eggs in the sand.The eggs are later spirited away to be incubated.
The turtles look graceful as they swim round in their endless circuits.Flippers flapping frantically.

Nor should I forget to mention the antics of the penguins.They have an enclosure which comes with its own cooling system,rocky beach and pool area.You can get a good view of them as they torpedo across the front of their tank.
I skipped the dolphin show having seen it before but recommend the Aquarium as a nice place to chill out and relax despite its hefty 2000 yen admission price.
The area round the Aquarium includes the Port Building, a floating ship museum and a shopping arcade with the usual eating places and tourist shops.

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