Monday, February 27, 2006

Beluga Whale.Nagoya Port Aquarium

Whale Chow.
More on the recent news about the Japanese whale meat industry and "research whale program".Due to the slump in demand and falling prices the whale meat industry is resorting to using whale meat in dog food.
Check out the full story at the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society website.

Turin Winter Olympics 2006
Well its over.Been and gone.Japan's anxiety and fear it would leave Turin without a medal were eased with the gold medal of Shizuka Arakawa in the womens figure skating.
I didnt watch much of the coverage as most of the live broadcasts were in the early morning hours.I'm not a great fan of snow or ice sports despite living over an ice rink.
I was a little bemused by Arakawa's comment on last nights NHK news that she was surprised that a local tenor had sung the song she intended to use in the skating competition during the opening ceremony.Of course she was referring to none other than Pavarotti and his signature tune "Nessum Dorma".If I recall correctly he also sung it in the opening ceremony of the 1990 soccer World Cup which Italy hosted.I dont know why she was surprised,personally it seemed her musical choice was a bit unoriginal.

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