Friday, April 06, 2012

A few more shots of Christchurch

 I've included this shot of the Amuri Courts building as I noted someone had done a search on it but I hadn't included a photo.This was taken across the street near the remains of the old Provincial Government building.At the time there were workmen and a large excavator busy demolishing the building.
 This photo shows the facade of the Mckenzie and Willis building heavily braced.The area is fenced off as High Street was badly affected.In fact the one prominent building that remains is the old Post Office building that houses Alice in Wonderland the video store.Nearby Poplar Lane has been virtually levelled.
 A shot of the Crowne Plaza Hotel awaiting demolition.Apparently there are two types of demolition-'dirty' where the buildings are deemed too unsafe and are pulled down and 'clean' where the buildings are systematically taken down and materials etc are saved or recycled.Not sure which type this is but the presence of a small excavator in an upper floor suggests a clean demolition.
Final shot today shows the road into Sumner.Theres a line of shipping containers stacked two high along the foreshore road.The containers are there to provide a buffer should there be any further collapse of the hill behind them.You can make out the abandoned homes on the skyline balanced on the edge of the cliff.The amount of debris-both stone,boulders and housing materials is already building up and can be seen behind the containers.Some of the containers have been painted or sport colorful covers.Its a daunting prospect driving down that road with the containers towering above the cars.

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