Monday, January 19, 2009

Its all a bit Mickey Mouse really...

Two of the "schools" I worked at last week were without their regular Japanese office staff.I had to scramble about and check that the schedules were firstly available and also that they were accurate.Nothing like preparing for a lesson without knowing who is going to turn up.
Apparently its going to be a regular occurrence in at least one of these "schools" as the staff there only works part-time.Management havent figured out that the busiest day of the week probably isnt the best day to be without staff.
So not only do I get the responsibility of opening up the school,print out the schedule,I also have to check the class attendance.
Bear in mind that there are 10 minutes between classes to write up notes for a possible five students,find another five files and prepare for the next one.Time is already short without the extra task of taking the roll.
The students naturally raised their eyebrows at the lack of staff.They couldnt book a lesson at the time,pay money,arrange counselling or talk to the staff about changes in their courses.
The other thing I discovered is that in these "schools" there is no clock chime to remind you when the classes start and finish.
At one branch there are three clocks.All of course showing different times.
I choose to go by the Mickey Mouse clock which you see above.Somewhat apt given the circumstances.Even more ironic later in the day it stopped and I had to replace the battery.

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