Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Flash...More KitKats

Some recent different KitKats Ive seen on the shelves.The apple and strawberry flavours appear to be re-released in different packages.
Clockwise from the apple kitkats in the centre is the candied sweet potato flavoured or daigakumio kitkats.To the right of these is shiruko or sweet red bean soup flavoured kitkats.
Below the shiruko box is a pack of ajiwai strawberry flavour kitkats.Finally to the left of those strawberry kitkats is a box of cookies and kitkats flavour.


(( K@Y )) said...

Oh my good-ness.....
I been seeing so many kit kat talks on other blogs and now yours too...heehhe
I like to try 2 of the flavors...

huey said...

Hi Kay,thanks for your comment.
I agree there are lots of blogs with kitkats on them.
I feature them because the flavours here are so different to the ones back home.
There are also a number of Limited Edition KitKat flavours out during the year so its possible to tell what season it is by looking for the KitKats on the shelves.