Monday, June 09, 2008

Irises in Tsuramai Park

Away from the noise and bustle of Tsuramai Station and behind the band rotunda one can find some iris beds.Somewhat sunken,sheltered and shaded by surrounding trees the flowers are at their best at the moment.

While the majority of blooms are various shades of white,blue and purple,one of the smaller beds contains some yellow flowers.I have no idea who the woman on the bench is in the photo but she did pose obligingly.

Despite the fact it was fairly early in the morning,round 9am,the flowers seemed to be a magnet for defecating dogs,careening cyclists,who sped through the area apparently oblivious to those on foot and old men carting their cameras,tripods and photo equipment.
I was somewhat amused to see one elderly gentleman using what appeared to be a light meter before positioning his tripod and camera.I dont know if theres a photographic equivalent to penis envy but I was impressed by some of the equipment that was being used.Large and small zoom lenses and bulky bags filled with old film rolls. It put my small Sony Cybershot literally in the shade.If anything it pushed me further towards buying a better camera.

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