Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Flash..Haagen Dazs Sorbets

I saw these new additions to the Haagen Dazs ice cream range in a local convenience store during the week.
According to my battered Oxford Dictionary "sorbet" is defined as "a water ice".
The Wild Apple Sorbet certainly meets that definition being crisp,light and watery.My spoon easily cut through the thin texture.Upon pulling back the plastic cover,one is greeted with a fragrant apple smell which lingered even after the contents had been eaten.Its hard to describe the wild apple taste.A little tart and a little sweet at the same time.Not all bitter like a Granny Smith apple nor wholly sweet.Worth a second look for its refreshing light taste.
The contents of the Alphonso Mango Sorbet is thicker than that of the Wild Apple Sorbet and didnt yield as easily to my spoon.More like ice cream than a sorbet.I found the vivid orange yellowy colour also detracted from my enjoyment.As for the flavour it was certainly mango.It goes without saying whether you like the sorbet depends on how well you like mangos.
Personally I dont think Id bother again.

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