Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Flash...Todays Cheap Lunch

My co-workers and I recently discovered a cheap lunch alternative to Dorito chips and other saturated fat,high carbo foods just down the street from our place of servitude.The small shop,with an entrance barely wider than an average doorframe, offers a variety of rice balls including the spicy chicken riceball above.Within the generous serving of rice nestles a large chunk of delicious chicken.The seaweed or nori on the outside adds a balanced saltiness to the riceball.
Among others for sale I noticed tuna,salmon and plum riceballs also available.

As well as riceballs and small plastic containers of vegetables and salads there are also some fried croquettes or patties for purchase.The croquette above contains fried pumpkin and is liberally covered in a sweet savoury sauce.
Two riceballs and a croquette made for a filling and inexpensive lunch as I still had a little change from 500yen.Bargain!


K.W.Wan said...

great photos. love the newspaper background too!

tim said...

Cheers for the comment Kwok.Actually the newspaper background is the greasepoof paper the women use to wrap up the riceballs and other food.I made them laugh the other day when I confused the pronunication of pumpkin with hippo..."kabacha" instead of "karbowcha".!!