Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Flash..Pieces of Cake

It seems in the buildup to Valentines Day here local bakeries or patisseries as they advertise themselves make an all out assault on your taste buds and wallets.There appears to be a never-ending array of cakes and desserts to entice you into the shop and part with your hard earned yen.
The dessert above consists of four large strawberries balanced on a thick moist caramel flavoured biscuit.The space in the centre of the strawberries is filled with a thick cream filling.The strawberries themselves are bedecked with a thick creamy topping and are also covered in a shiny sweet sugar glace.

This second offering is a dense,moist slice of chocolate cake.As with the first dessert above,the cake has a thick creamy topping and also two thin strips of chocolate adding yet more calories.The cake also has a thick sprinkling of chocolate powder on its surface to give it a professional finish.

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