Monday, November 05, 2007

Stand by at Home

The receivers or now as they are termed "interim trustees" of Nova Corp announced on the company website today they were approached by around ten companies in their quest to find a sponsor company.
After screening these companies the interim trustees in their words"would like to determine the sponsor by Thursday this week November 8th".Later they ask that"you wait at home until November 8th".
Thats all well and good but every day that goes by ones savings decrease.Ive been applying for various jobs in schools and ALT(assistant language teacher) positions in Nagoya and further afield even China.My lack of Japanese is a considerable hindrance and rules me out of many jobs.If Im here in a months time I'll make a serious attempt to upskill.

Trying to stretch and eke out my savings Ive been buying a few packets of moyashi(bean sprouts) each week.At twenty yen a bag they represent good value and can be eaten fresh in a salad or sandwich or stir-fried with other vegetables.


Anonymous said...

What is moyashi? And good gravy you should have learned some japanese!

tim said...

First up in reply moyashi are bean sprouts.
Secondly I have learned some Japanese.Useful stuff for shopping and swearing at obasans(old ladies) survival stuff but not enough to carry on a basic conversation which unfortunately many jobs require.