Monday, November 12, 2007

Haagen Dazs Kokuto and Kuromitsu

This new flavour has a distinctive bitter coffee/burnt caramel taste.Kokuto translates as brown sugar while kuromitsu translates roughly as sugar syrup or treacle depending where you google.It seems that both kokuto and kuromitsu originally come from Okinawa where the main sugar cane fields are found in Japan.


Anonymous said...

Funny thing- I just bought some of this not knowing what it was, ate it, then foudn yoru site when looking it up :)

Tastes pretty good- I think I like Haagen Dazs Green Tea a little more though.

tim said...

Hi Anon,I agree with you the Green Tea has the edge.

jayinhk said...

Just sent me maid down to 7-11 here in the Mid-Levels (near the heart of the city in Hong Kong) to get me some ice cream. Her English isn't the best, so when she read the flavor out to me over the phone, I thought it was something Italian that she couldn't pronounce. I told her to get it out of curiousity, and here I am.

It tastes like brown sugar and perhaps a little bit like molasses, but there is definitely a slight 'burnt' quality to it, I agree. I wouldn't call it coffee. It's like coffee carbon without the coffee, if you will, but it's definitely not overpowering. I like it better than the green tea myself. :)

tim said...

Hi Jayinhk,
thanks for your comment.If you liked the ice cream look out for the KitKat minipack bars that use similar ingredients