Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lincoln City

Lincoln,the county capital of rural Lincolnshire,Eastern England is dominated by a hilltop Gothic cathedral which overlooks the town centre below.
As well as the Cathedral which featured in "The Da Vinci Code" there is a Norman Castle and steep streets lined with Tudor style buildings and a number of interesting museums.

The Cathedral dates from Norman times and has three huge towers.There are various tours for visitors to take including a floor and roof guided tour.I took a roof tour which gave me an insight into how it was built as well as some great views of the city below and surrounding countryside.

The Norman Castle nearby used used to house the city court and prison.Again,there are some great views of the centre and a chance to walk around the castle walls.

Lincoln Museums

A ten minute signposted walk from the castle finds you outside the Museum of Lincolnshire Life.The museum has an interesting mixture of collections and displays of life in Lincolnshire.Theres a domestic wing with such exhibits as a nursery,kitchen and parlour and a commerical row with Edwardian era stores such as a chemist and ironmonger.Theres also a Transport Hall and an Industry and Agriculture Gallery.Among the steam engines and tractors is a World War One tank named Flirt 2.Theres also an informative video outlining the tanks history and how it came to be built in Lincoln.

Finally closer to the city centre is The Collection Museum which houses both art and archaeology.A very hands on user friendly institution with lots of touch screens and interactive displays for kids.You can try on Roman clothes,helmets and uniforms as well as looking at fossils and mosiacs excavated from the site on which the building stands.

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