Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Flash....Food Photos

I bought this bento in London near the Embankment tube station on my vacation last month.The shop belonged to a chain called Wasabi.The website helpfully printed on the paper bag is if you are interested.Price wise it worked out similiar to what I`d pay here in Nagoya.There was a good selection of lunchboxes on the shelves including some non strictly Japanese fare such as California type rolls sporting avocado filling.From my brief sojourn in London it seems Japanese food is popular if the number of chains is any indication.

There seems to have been a rash of different kinds of KitKats available recently.The upmarket brandy and orange kitkat is a little more expensive than the other two recent additions to the range.The kitkat which proclaims to contain 72% cocoa is definitely more bitter than its 61% counterpart which I found milder and more to my taste.Im not sure what the marketing strategy is but I wouldnt be buying the higher cocoa containing chocolate again.

Haagen Dazs have also been busy.I noticed two new flavours in a newly designed 110ml container.The tiramisu and creme brulee flavours cost a little more than the usual red tubs.

Finally I spotted these mini lemon flavoured KitKats in a convenience store on Wednesday.The lemon smell is quite strong once you open the bag.I found them a little too sweet being reared on lemon acid drops.A colleague thought they smelt and tasted like the citrus lozenges you see in mens urinals but I cant vouch for that...

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