Monday, August 07, 2006

Monkey See Monkey Do

Monkey See Monkey Do
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I had my six month class observation last Thursday.My boss sits in a cubicle behind me as I instruct.After the class theres a feedback lesson with him.He tells me what I did well and how to improve on other areas.
Overall a useful exercise.I thought the lesson was only average.He thought otherwise so who am I to disagree.
Throughout the feedback session I got the feeling that because Im older,been there longer and therefore had more experience he was often on edge,nervous and at times even apologetic.An interesting contrast to when he's not one on one ,face to face.Strutting round the school carrying sheaths of unimportant paper full of his own self importance.
Whatever the results dont carry much weight unlike the end of contract evaluations so Im not too worried.We did talk about repeat lessons and ways to vary them.I`m happy theres some leeway and freedom being given as far as lesson planning is concerned.As one colleague remarked recently "Im feeling guilty teaching the same students the same thing for the fourth time"....

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