Monday, August 21, 2006

Flat Out Like a Lizard Drinking

Paper Mache Lizard
Originally uploaded by pookie_san99.
Another hot, busy week.Temperatures remain high.I had a friend stay over the last week as he sorted himself out a new apartment.Did well considering it was the middle of the Bon holiday break.Many businesses were closed for the vacation.One also has to factor in such matters as 1) many landlords dont want foreign tenants, 2) the language barrier and 3) the initial set up costs.
As well as paying for the real estate agents time and services you have to fork out for a fee to pay the cleaning company before you move in and other numerous charges including the two months rent in advance etc,etc.It all adds up.

I felt sorry for Peter as he kipped on my kitchen floor.Despite having a portable fan the heat rarely dropped below 30 degrees.Luckily his new apartment comes equipped with a new air conditioning unit.

I've never got round to getting one.Not just the price puts me off.I dont know how long I'd use it or if I actually need one.Sure it gets hot in my apartment and it can be uncomfortable at times to sleep.But its only for a month or so.I can always use my portable fan should it get unbearable.Air conditioning seems to make me more susceptible to colds and germs.Besides I usually lose a few kilos in summer due to the heat so not having a/c has its benefits.

On Mondays the school I work at is located in a huge shopping complex.The a/c is always set too cold.Last week some students were shivering and I ended the day reeling with a headache and sore throat.Seems absurd to resort to wearing a jumper in the middle of summer.There is nothing that can be done as its controlled from a central control point for the whole mall.

Paper Mache Reptile.
Finally got round to completing this creature in the photo above.Been working on it over the last couple of months.Some minor finishing touches and its done.Not sure what I'll do next.probably not reptiles as the last three have been frogs and lizards.....


NYC Geisha said...

I would die without my AC- I need cold air flow in my room 12 months a year! As for the reptile- tres bon.

tim said...

I keep the front door open at night,chained of course, and keep the balcony door open to get the air circulating through the place.
Sometimes though its like a wind tunnel or just a shortcut for the cockroaches that roam the building :)