Friday, May 04, 2012

50 Moganshan Rd
 In a sprawling compound of former industrial warehouses converted into galleries and workshops you can find Shanghai's artistic community busy at work.Here among the different buildings you can see on display many different forms of art from traditional ceramics and calligraphy to sculpture and huge paintings that fill the cavernous spaces from floor to ceiling.
 I spent the best part of a day poking around.You could see,smell and hear some of the artists being creative and there was a friendly vibe as you walked round and the shop staff explained who the artist was and what the work represented.Not the usual hard sell feeling of being obligated to buy something you get in other places.There were a couple of restaurants within the compound where you could eat, grab a drink and rest your legs.
 As well as the standard paintings there were also installation artists who obviously were using the space to store some of their works including this set of huge Doc Marten boots complete with their own leg bones.
 Different types of pottery and ceramic styles were on display and available for sale.This particular piece was one of a set of four figures depicting different emotions.
If you couldn't afford to pay for the real thing or would have difficulty lugging it home,then some galleries had handy packs of postcards on sale.The set above shows some postcards from Yu Lin's works depicting the Chinese Red Guards.
Getting to 50 Moganshan Road Art Centre is a bit of a hike.Different guide books suggest different routes including taxis and buses.I chose the following route.I got off at Changshou Station Line 7 on the subway and took exit 7 to Changshu Road.Turning right once I exited the subway station,I then walked for about 15 minutes or three big intersections that cross Changshu Road.At this point you should come to a bridge that spans the Suzhou Creek.From here  you should be able to see a large chimney stack on your right.This is where you are headed.Don't head over the bridge but walk down the side till you come under the bridge and a road directly in front of you.On the other side of the road is Suzhou Creek.Turn left at this point and walk towards the chimney-the road should curve as it passes some huge apartment building compounds and you'll shortly come to the warehouses.Look for taxis and tour buses as it is a popular sight seeing spot as well as a large metal hippo outside one of the galleries. All in all a nice place to head to with no entry fee and a pleasant feel about it.

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