Friday, June 04, 2010

People's Square(Renmin Park).

People's Square in Shanghai is pretty much the centre of Shanghai if you want to meet up with anyone from either Puxi or Pudong.The huge subway station is one of the major intersecting hubs connecting metro lines.Above ground various museums ,buildings and shopping streets draw people to the area.In the shot above you can see the UFO topped Raddison Hotel overlooking the Square.

One of the attractions within Renmin Park is a large pond.As yet the lotus flowers havent yet bloomed but no doubt are a drawcard later in the month when they do.There are lots of grassed areas with shrub and treelined paths. Despite the cloudy day there were a good number of people out and about taking advantage of the fine weather.

Above is a shot of the Shanghai Museum again set in the grounds of Renmin Park.It looks odd because it has a round roof and a square base.I read somewhere it was designed along the lines of a traditional three-legged cooking utensil called a ding.I havent been inside yet as apparently you need at least a day to do the exhibits justice and Ive been too busy on my days off or too tired to find the time.

One of the things I like about this area is the diverse architecture styles on display.In the foreground there is the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Centre while in the background you can make out the Radisson Hotel topped by what looks like an errant UFO.A lot of these buildings like the Exhibition Centre have roof top cafes so you can get a better view of the area.Again something to put on my 'to do' list.
Finally another view of what you can see as you walk round Renmin Square an odd mixture of architectural styles and eras.A sleek nondescript mirror windowed sky scraper lurches over a far more conventionally designed building.


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Brett said...

Mr C, you forgot to mention the best part-- the marriage market near that Arab-themed bar near the artificial lake (Balabushka? Borussia Dortmund? name escapes me...) Good fun on weekends! Only if you`re not looking.