Sunday, August 02, 2009

Endoji Tanabata Matsuri 2009

Once again the annual festival was held at Endoji Arcade not far from the Nagoya International Centre Building.

From July 29th through August 2nd this quaint,quiet arcade is covered with traditional tanabata decorations and huge paper mache floats hung from the roof of the covered arcade.

There were a variety of paper mache floats on display ranging from fish and manga characters to the local Dragons baseball mascots and cartoon characters.

The mall was crowded with kids on their summer break busy drawing their favourite floats while a number of stalls were also set up selling the usual summer festival fare such as hotdogs and choco bananas.


Anonymous said...

These are so far out.. so glad I found your blog.. I'm in Aichi as well.

Huey said...

Cheers for the comment...I like the Endoji festival as its small and friendly tho crowded.
Hope you enjoy your stay in Aichi,I left Japan in July 2009 and will be relocating in Shanghai,China in the near future and will resume blogging soon.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous but so sad you are leaving now that I just found your blog = (

Can you e-mail me when you start blogging again? Good luck with your move = )