Monday, April 27, 2009

"Dont the Sun look angry through the trees..Dont the trees look like crucified thieves"

from Desperados under the Warren Zevon

I thought of these words from Warren Zevons album "A Quiet Normal Life"as the trees outside my apartment building were removed over the last two weeks.Twenty four trees,twelve each side of the large intersection on Route 19 have been unceremoniously lopped,topped and extracted from the centre island of the road.

Their removal will allow the construction of traffic turning lanes into the intersection to take place.

There was nothing particularly outstanding about these specimens.Just your uncommon urban tree.
They were functional.A touch of greenery one could gaze down on.They provided nests and perches for birds.They were homes to the seasonal cicadas that broadcast their raspy metallic beat from their boughs every early summer.
They were a barrier against the constant grind of traffic noise.A filter against the fumes and filth that blackened their limbs.

I for one will miss them.


Hansy said...

Hey me old mate
Good to see a few photos of the old stompng ground. When I lived next to the park there was a major pruning of the trees every spring. I was always curious about that as we were heading into the hottest part of the year. Might have something to do with the typhoons.

Miss the friday cuppa.



Anonymous said...

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