Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Flash..A Few More Auto Trend 2009 shots

A few more shots from last weeks Auto Trend 2009 show in Nagoya.

One of a number of highly customised Hummers on display.This one had expensive interior fittings and a huge stereo system.The paint work shone like glass.

Another photo of a set of models who drew hordes of admirers vying for a photo or an autograph.

A nicely finished and detailed Mini.There are a number of kits available to accessorise and customise these cars such as bumper bars,muffler sets and various audio and video equipment options.

This model was standing near one of the audio stands.


Anonymous said...

good grief look at those outfits!

huey said...

I know..they were terribly distracting as I only went there to see the latest car and automotive accessories.
I reckon some of the cars had more skirts on their bodies than the models!!