Monday, December 15, 2008

What I Did In Paris..Part 365..Notre Dame

Obviously one of the places to see when one is in Paris is the Cathedrale de Notre Dame.Notre Dame took over two hundred years to build and offers lots of great photo opportunities from whichever way you approach it.Inside there are three massive rose stained glass windows.

Outside on the narrow walkways on the towers you can get close to many of the gargoyles that perch on the cathedral's ledges.You can also get good views of the skyline.

Admission to the Cathedral's interior is free so you can wander around and take photos of the rose windows and the various altars inside the huge building.
Admission to the towers cost 7.50 euros as well as a chilly half hour wait in the queue and climbing a narrow spiral staircase.

Once you reach the towers via the stairs and through the gift shop you can get views of the skyline.In this shot you can make out Sacre Coeur on the hill in the background to the left of the gargoyle.

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