Monday, April 21, 2008

Pterodactyl Exhibition

It seemed somewhat apt having celebrated my birthday during the week to waddle down to see this exhibition of fossils and dinosaur bones and skeletons.
Currently on display in the Nagoya City Science Museum the exhibition is divided between two rooms in two different buildings.

The centrepiece of the whole display was a giant plastic model of a pterodactyl hanging from the ceiling of the main exhibition room.Strung below this model is a skeleton of the real thing.As well as various fossil samples found embedded in stone and earth there were also tv monitors presenting short excerpts of a BBC TV documentary on dinosaurs.

While the small number of fossils and skeletons on show were impressive I was less enthused by the way they were displayed.Most of the flying winged examples are just hanging from the ceiling.Im not asking for a full three dimension forest or scene around them but it seemed a little amateurish having them displayed near bare brick walls or black curtains.A simple cardboard backdrop would have been enough.It kind of reminded me of those plastic model airplane kits you made in your youth and then suspended from the bedroom ceiling.

If one also takes into account that tickets werent exactly cheap at 1200yen for adults,800yen for students and 500yen for children aged 6 to 15 years I didnt feel it was worth it.Billed as Sky Monsters-The Worlds Largest Pterodactyl Exhibition it runs until June 15th.

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K.W.Wan said...

happy belated birthday tim! i'll send you a present sometime over the next few weeks...