Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Flash...UpMarket Bentos

Having received my first full monthly salary since September after the demise of Nova Corp,I decided to celebrate.I purchased these two lunchboxes from a shop in the Mitsukoshi Department Store basement foodcourt.The one above contains potato and ham salad and a small serving of coconut and mandarin dessert.The six sushi rolls include a variety of fish,seafood and cream cheese.

This second bento is also colourful and has a number of different tastes and textures.
Under the fried lotus root rings in the centre of the lunchbox there are three medallions of meat surrounded by a spicy Chinese vegetable salad.At the back in the purple patty pan there is a mouthful size offering of seaweed and mushrooms.In the foreground,the crimson-reddish patty pan contains some pickled vegetables.
While a little more expensive than their supermarket equivalents I feel its worth it in terms of the presentation,care and attention that distinguishes them from their run of the mill counterparts.

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