Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Flash...More Chocolate...

Seems every week theres a new kind of chocolate bar or flavour on the shelf awaiting chocoholics like myself.This week I spotted these new additions from Meiji a local confectionery company.The two boxes differ in that one contains 86% cacao(the silver box) while its green counterpart boasts having a lower 72% cacao content.
I found the silver 86% cacao too bitter for my taste and while the 72% chocolate is still bitter at least I could finish the small bite sized portion enclosed in the foil wrapper.
Im sure theres a market for this kind of chocolate otherwise it wouldnt be on the shelves..maybe Im not sophisticated enough to appreciate how delicate and refined it is,having been bribed and reared on such sugary sickly sweet diabetes inducing delights as chocolate marshmellow fish,gum snakes,Cadbury Caramel Eggs and Whittakers Peanut Bars.

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