Monday, April 02, 2007

Lindsay Hawker..R.I.P

On a sombre note,one of the main stories last week involved the discovery of the body of a British woman in a condominium in Chiba Prefecture.The man who lived in the condo fled barefoot when several police officers visited him.Police have since placed the man, aged 28, on a nationwide wanted list.To date he remains at large.
According to the police the suspect had stalked Hawker, who taught English at a Nova Corp branch language school.Hawker had agreed to give him a private English lesson on Sunday,the day before her body was found.
What saddened me was the large amount of often uninformed speculation this tragic episode generated on TV,in newspapers and various online forums.My thoughts go out to Ms Hawker and her family for all unwanted exposure and unwarranted attention this event has brought down upon them...Rest in Peace.

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